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Non propelled Tank Barge 2633 m³

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Non propelled Tank Barge 2633 m³

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  • Condition:Used
  • Reference #:XH-SH1017
  • Status:Available
  • Price:Request

About Non propelled Tank Barge 2633 m³

Non propelled Tank Barge (pushbarge)

Year built: 2008 Bulgaria


BV Class, next May 2023: Bureau Veritas - Main Class Symbols: I 5 IN(1,2) Z, Service Notations: Tanker / Double Hull,-DP = 57,5 kPa,-TP = 65 kPa,-ADNR Type C,-Max. density,-no propulsion, Navigation Notations: IN, Equipment: 2(Ch 32 Q2)

Type of barge: Type C – Double hull – single cargo line – heating steam coils fitted

Bow thruster: HYDROMARMOR left-right type

Push forward bars fitted

Length: 82.5m

Width: 11.4m

Max draft: 3.6 m

Carriage at 3m depth: 2050 tons

Tank volume:
- 100%: 2633 m3
- 97%: 2570 m3
- 95%: 2510 m3

Number of tanks: 8

Pump: 1 KAMPERS pump, soundproofed

- Max loading rate: 740m3/h
- Max unloading rate: 800 m3/h
- Pressure: 15bar

Heating coils: yes fitted in each tank, in steel, designed for heating with steam 6bar / 220°C supplied from the shore (no on-board boiler)
Max cargo temperature 80°C

Additional information:
- The barge is fitted with a real engine room under the foredeck. It is a closed room. The generator is located in such engine room. The room can be accessed through a hatch provided for this purpose.
- air compressor is engine room
- Coating and condition of the tanks?: steel tanks, excellent condition, the barge carries white products (only long time ago it very briefly carried heated black products, Very Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil,

Inspectable South of France

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