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Dredger Beaver 600

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Dredger Beaver 600

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  • Condition:Used
  • Reference #:XH-SH584
  • Status:Sold
  • Price:Request

About Dredger Beaver 600

Built :1998, Netherlands
Hull material:  Steel
Length overall: 23.9m
Length of hull:  15.10m
Breadth: 5.85m
Depth: 1.51m
Draft: 1.1m
Main pontoon: 8 x 2.70 x 1.80m
Side Pontoons: 15 x 1.5 x 1.5 m
Maximum dredging depth: 12 m
Loading  pipe diameter 350mm
Total weight: 55 T

Engine: Scania 630 Hp (without use)
Dredger pump: IHC
Cutter: 100 HP


Inspectable  in South Europe.

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