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Tanker 4752 dwt

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Tanker 4752 dwt

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  • Condition:Used
  • Reference #:XH-SH771
  • Status:Available
  • Price:USD 1.3 M

About Tanker 4752 dwt

DOUBLE HULL LOW DRAFT OIL TANKER 4752 dwt / 6350 Cubm.          

 BUILD .1976 / REBUILD 2010


 DIM  L.  132.6 м BEAM  16.5 м MOULDED DEPTH /  5.5 м DRAFT /  3.53 м TONNAGE  4 250 т SPEED  10.0 knots / 

MAIN ENGINE skl 8NVD 48A-2U x 2 Overhouled 5800 Hours

3 Generators / Bowtruster

In 2010, the dockyard GCC Lenin during the next examination was carried out works for compliance with the MARPOL Convention regarding concerning Rule 21, in the performance of this work has been replaced by 320 tons of steel, reinforced cargo area (Sheet S10), set the ice zone and assigned IceI ice class 1; - Deck hull has a gain of as reinforcements S22 and corresponds, on the basis of calculation of durability, navigation area R2-RSN / - Implemented technical measures to meet the requirements for vessels for the transport of goods with a flashpoint of 60 degrees. In November 2012, they were replaced by two main engine overhauled. Their operating time at the moment is 5800 hours of normal 19,200. In September 2013, conducted INTERMEDIATE (docks) examination. When carrying out repairs in a volume requirements MS were also performed: - The International Convention number 92; ILO 133, ILO recommendations №140,141 to give evidence; - Requirements for transport safety on ships, installed a video surveillance system that allows you to make clock surveillance over the actions of the crew; - Installation metal fender with invoice iskroneobrazuyuschey strip of stainless steel, which makes it possible to approach the berths with dangerous goods without a fender; - A ballast system improvement that allows for pumping ballast on the left and right sides separately, and both at the same time, reducing the time from the standard ballast pumping system twice; - A system to monitor fuel consumption and monitoring of the vessel tracking mode Online. - Due to the increased demands of a number of EU seaports and some points of the Convention on the vessel carried BWM2004 painting of ballast tanks outer and inner skins, thus avoiding the effects of corrosion in ballast water and to reduce the corrosive wear of the hull. - Produced painting cargo tanks that its turn facilitates the reduction in the readiness of the vessel for the transportation of various kinds of cargo. In May 2015 the GCC Midel completed special survey in which the M / V K.Pirozhkov confirmed all its specifications and has received all the documents of the classification society RS. Class documents validity – till 08.06. 2020 next drydock – 09.06. 2018
















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